DRUG ABUSE: Fourth Year Student Of Abia State University Jumps From 3-Storey Building

A 400 level optometry student of Abia State University Uturu jumped down from a 3 storey building and died at the spot yesterday evening.

400 level ABSU Students Dies of Drug Overdose

Report has it that the deceased student took a hard drug known as Colorado and couldn’t “contain it”.

His friends locked him inside the room and went in search of garri to help him come back to his senses. But he went through the balcony, thinking that he was on the ground floor, jumped down from a 3 storey building (favor lodge) and died immediately.

He is believed to have taken one or more of the substances listed below.
– Lipton soaked with Regal gin
– Tramadol
– Codeine
– Dry pawpaw leaves
– Hypo in Lacasera
– Tom Tom in Lacasera
– Spirogyra
– Rephnol
– Gum
– 10 days Urine
– Methylated spirit in codeine
– Methylated spirit in Coke
– Dry plantain leaves
– Cannabis (Igbo) in Regal gin
– Burnt Tyres
– Burnt Bitumen

  • Soaked used menstruation pads