COUP: ECOWAS Sanctions Guinea, Freezes Accounts of Plotters

Leaders of the Economic Community Of West African States, ECOWAS, have imposed travel bans on Guinea and a freeze on the financial assets of coup leaders and their families.

Guinea Sanctionned

The decisions were reached at the end of an emergency meeting in Accra on September 16,2021

ECOWAS wants the Junta to conduct elections within the next six months, and insists that none of the military leaders should be allowed to contest the polls.

The West African bloc however expressed its willingness to support Guinea through the transitional process.

The ECOWAS Heads Of States called on Africa Union, the United Nations and their international partners to help enforce the travel bans and financial sanctions against the junta and their families.

They however demanded the unconditional release of the ousted president Alpha Conde.

The sanctions are expected to put more pressure on the military junta to restore constitutional rule in the country.