Covid-19 Testing Evasion: Nigeria Places Travel Ban on 2,000 Passengers

Nigeria has banned Two thousand (2000) of its Nationals and some foreigners for one year for evading the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test at various airports arround the country.

Nigeria Bars 2000 Citizens From Travelling over Covid-19 Testing Evasion

Muktar Muhammed,the National Incident Manager of the Presidential Steering Committee (PSC), on covid-19 said on Monday that the names of the affected citizens and foreigners have been published and displayed at all major federal medical facilities where medical experts are assigned to give care to travellers into the country during COVID-19 third waves.

Muhammed noted that the government has insisted that passengers who arrive the country, especially from high risk countries must quarantine in a facility provided by the government.

He said the passports of those who failed to follow the protocol have been suspended for one year.

PSC had on May 1, 2021, issued Travel Advisory for Passengers arriving in Nigeria from Brazil, India and Turkey.

According to the chairman of PSC the measures were put in place to mitigate the risk of importation of variants of concern

Under the measures, passengers arriving from these three countries are required to follow mandatory arrival quarantine and testing protocols in designated facilities.

However ,some passengers failed to observe the compulsory isolation or present themselves for the PCR repeat test on day seven