World Teachers Day: Nigerian President Approves N150k Bursary For Undergraduates…NUT,UNESCO,TRCN on impact of COVID-19 on Teachers.

The Federal Government has announced the reintroduction of bursary in universities and colleges of education across the country, with N150,000 and N100,000 earmarked for each undergraduate in an education programme and NCE student, respectively, per session.

The Minister of Education, Malam Adamu Adamu, said this in his keynote address delivered at the 2021 World Teachers Day celebration in Abuja, Tuesday

Adamu said the reintroduction of the bursary was part of the resolutions of the National Implementation Committee constituted by the government following President Muhammdu Buhari’s pronouncement in repositioning the nation’s education sector and the teaching profession in particular, during 2020 World Teachers Day celebration.

He added that the ministry would liaise with the 36 states’ education ministries, including the FCT Education Board, with a view to effecting the new scheme.

They would identify the respective courses of study required by each state, while “beneficiaries must attend public institutions only and sign a bond to serve their state for five years on graduation.”

“The fund would be sourced from UBEC, TETFund and managed by the Federal Scholarship Board.”

Adamu said his ministry “shall collaborate with agencies like NTI, TRCN, CPN, NUC, NCCE, UBEC, PTDF, TETFund, and non-governmental organisations to organise trainings in pedagogy and information and communication technology for academic and non-academic staff.”

He disclosed that “UBEC, TETFund and PTDF would assist in funding the annual training.”

“Government would partner with developers/recognised institutions like Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria, Federal Government Staff Housing Loans Board, FGSLB, FME Staff Welfare, and NUT to finance affordable homes for teachers on build-operate-and-transfer basis.”

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Fellow Nigerians,
It is my pleasure as always to felicitate with all teachers and
education officers in Nigeria to commemorate the 2021 World Teachers
Day (WTD) and the Presidents’ Teachers Schools Excellence Awards on
the theme “Teachers at the Heart of Education Recovery”.

The focus of the theme is on the role of teachers in the face of
Covid-19. When schools were closed abruptly due to the novelty of the
pandemic, teachers ingeniously adapted their teaching methodologies and
collaborated extensively with other teachers for knowledge sharing to
address the situation. Consequently, online teaching and learning became
the norm and our learners were occupied effectively without the
traditional in-person interaction.

I salute the Nigerian teachers and education officers who kept faith
with the profession over the years despite the obvious challenges. The
World Teachers’ Day (WTD) celebration is meant to create awareness on
the status of teachers in our society as enunciated by the United Nations
Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and
International Labour Organization in 1994.

UNESCO further inaugurated
Teacher’s day to be marked on 5th of October every year. The intention
was to institutionalize the commemoration and also motivate respective
countries to revitalize the profession. For us in Nigeria, this is a
memorable day and also the first anniversary of the renaissance of the
Nigerian teacher due to the pronouncement to reposition and revitalize
the teaching profession.

The 2020 World Teachers Day in Nigeria was phenomenal as all that
is needed to invigorate and revitalize the teaching profession was
packaged and the Honourable Minister of Education was mandated to
implement accordingly’. I am not going to recount the entire components
for implementation; however, the Federal Ministry of Education has
commenced the pilot implementation of the increase in retirement age to
65 or 40 years of service for teachers and education officers Guidelines
to ensure seamless implementation has been negotiated and outstanding
salaries of affected teachers will soon be paid before December 2021.

I know that for Teachers to effectively be at the Heart of
Education Recovery, there is need for continuous re-tooling. Teachers and
all those connected with teaching and learning will henceforth undergo
annual training on modern techniques of teaching and learningThis will
include digital Literacy trainings in pedagogy, Information and
Communication Technology and others. Education parastatals like NTI,
TRCN, CPN, NUC, NCCE, UBEC, PTDF, TETFund, and other non-
governmental organizations will partner with the government to achieve
this feat.

Also, the re-introduction of Bursary awards to Education students
in the Universities and Colleges of Education with the assurance of
automatic employment upon graduation would encourage more students to
take up
offer courses in Education. Education parastatals; UBEC, TETFund, and
PTDF would partner with government to commit funds to be managed by
the Federal Scholarship Board who has the mandate to disburse funds to

The revitalization and re-positioning of teachers is already on course
and will significantly impact on relevant issues, pre-service training,
remuneration, in-service training, retirement, special allowances and
assistance to own low-cost houses etc. There will be more advocacy and
consensus building with relevant stakeholders including state governments
and others to realize all the targets that will re-position the 21st century
teacher in Nigeria.

I assure you that the implementation of most of the targets in the
repositioning of teachers will be achieved by January 2022. However, I
want you all to know that teachers’ welfare is paramount in the scheme of
things and negotiations are ongoing to ensure that your salary is
Ladies and gentlemen, as you celebrate the 2021 WTD, always
remember that to whom much is given, much is expected.

Teachers in
Nigeria and NUT are therefore implored to reflect on the past and
reciprocate this landmark gesture by explicitly committing to the provision
of excellent service delivery. This will complement our efforts to provide
and sustain quality education for all. Congratulations and have a wonderful
Thank you for the attention



It is with great honour and privilege that I, on behalf of the entire teachers of Nigeria, warmly welcome the Special Guest of Honour, top Government functionaries, Education stakeholders, other distinguished invitees and gentlemen of the Press to the 2021 edition of the World Teachers’ Day Celebration.

May I specially appreciate
His Excellency, President Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR, for the
sustenance of the President’s Teachers and School Excellence Award
and the continued hosting of the annual World Teachers’ Day Celebration at the national level.

I also express my heartfelt
appreciation to Mallam Adamu Adamu, Honourable Minister of Education and his team for their support and contributions towards
the smooth observance of this remarkable global event.

Theme of the World Teachers’ Day:
The theme of this year’s World Teachers’ Day, “Teachers at the
heart of education recovery” is apt considering the devastating
impact of COVID-19 on the Education Sector, and the attendant
challenges teachers have to face and confront to ensure effective
delivery of education to all learners around the World.

The COVID-19 crisis has expanded the role of teachers and placed
greater burden on them as they were challenged to appreciate the
Mnew normal”, embrace the use of technology in education, build their
capacities, be resilient, creative and innovative to be able to meet the
new trends and challenges of the rapidly changing world.

To keep teaching and learning on-going, teachers had to adopt
remote or distance learning methods, and to ensure that no learner is
left behind. They also took up the duty to assess and identify learning
losses and applied recovery measures such as accelerated learning
programmes to reduce learning gaps.

This means that teachers need
to be adequately equipped, empowered and supported to be effective
in carrying out the task of education recovery, and to meet the
learning needs of all learners including the underprivileged,
disadvantaged and other vulnerable children, especially the girl child.

At this juncture, may I draw the attention of government to some issues of concern to teachers and the education system as a whole.
National Senior Secondary Education Commission (NSSEC):

The demand of NUT for the establishment of the National Senior
Secondary Education Commission (NSSEC) is age-long. Today, the
teachers of Nigeria are grateful to the administration of President
Muhammadu Buhari, for the establishment of the NSSEC and
appointment of an Executive Secretary to ensure effective take-off of
the Commission.

It is our hope that the Commission will bring the Secondary Education sub-sector to national focus for integrated
management, funding and standardization.

Insecurity in Nigeria:

Insecurity in Nigeria has taken a dangerous trend from the North to
the East and West. This trend has adversely impacted on teaching and learning in our various communities across the country. We therefore call on the federal, state as well as
private individuals to join hands and restore peace, order and
peaceful coexistence to ensure the safety of our schools and the
school communities for the good of our country.

Implementation of National Minimum Wage:

The NUT observes with dismay that some State Governments are yet
to implement the provisions of the National Minimum Wage Act for
teachers since it was signed into law in 2018. We herewith call on
the erring State Governments to implement the National Minimum
Wage without further delay. May we remind them that every worker
is worthy of his/her wage, especially now that our take home pay can
hardly take us home.

Payment of Primary School Teachers’ Salaries:

The NUT regrets to observe that primary school teachers’ salaries are
not being paid as and when due in some States. We, therefore, call
on the National Assembly in the on-going 4th Alteration Act on the
1999 Constitution, to provide for the funding of Basic Education through First Line Charge.

It will also be of immense benefit, if the
extent of contribution of the various tiers of government in the
funding of Basic Education is clearly defined in the Constitution

Retirement Age of Teachers:

The teachers of Nigeria will remain grateful to the President of
Federal Republic of Nigeria, His Excellency, Muhammadu Buhari for,
among other issues, graciously granting the retirement age of
teachers and education officers from 60 to 65 years of age and 35 to
40 years of service. Your Excellency, our joy will know no bound
when you grant assent to the Teachers Retirement Bill into law, to
ensure compliance by all employers of teachers.

The NUT also utilizes this occasion of the World Teachers’ Day to call
on the Federal Ministry of Education to ensure that the teachers of
Unity Schools are allowed to organize themselves and participate in
NUT activities as their trade union of choice.

We also reiterate our concern over the non-payment of the 27.5%
Professional Allowance to teachers of the Federal Government
Colleges and call on the Federal Government to graciously approve
payment of the said allowances for these teachers, as this would go a
long way to motivate the affected teachers towards optimum
performance and productivity.

Tribute to our Fallen Colleagues:

The NUT observes with great concern the several attacks on schools
and other learning institutions. Many teachers have lost their lives to
bandits and terrorists across the country; others have also gone to
the great beyond as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. We applaud
the courage of teachers who lost their lives on their lines of duty. This
is a great prize paid by them and their dependants. Our tribute also
goes to our dear students and pupils who lost their lives or were
adversely affected and impacted by the global COVID-19 lock down.


This address will not be complete, if I fail to congratulate the
awardees of today, who have distinguished themselves as exemplary
school administrators and teachers. We hope that they will keep the
flag flying towards the overall good of the education system.
As we felicitate with our outstanding colleagues, may I also admonish
our teachers to remain symbols of excellence, beacons of hope and
inspiration, harbingers of truth and justice as well as vanguards of
peace in the discharge of the sacred task of nurturing and moulding
the younger generation placed under our care.

Once again, I welcome all of you to this ceremony and wish you a
wonderful celebration.
Thank you and remain richly blessed.




Ladies and Gentlemen, May I warmly congratulate all Teachers
in Nigeria and the world at large on the commemoration of the 2021
World Teachers Day. The 2021 theme” Teachers at the Heart of Education Recovery” highlights teachers’ willingness to serve and the
flexibility to adapt to any situation selflessly.

Covid-19 pandemic exposed the resilience and ingenuity of the
professional teacher, implying that an empowered professional
teaching work force is sacrosanct for quality education.

To prepare for school reopening after a long closure, the Ministry in collaboration
with development partners, relevant Federal Ministries Departments and Agencies, civil society organizations and
professional bodies drafted a copious guidance for safe school
reopening to ensure that the learning environment is safe for the
health and wellbeing of teachers, learners and the entire school

The teachers in our various schools rose to the occasion and there is no evidence of out-break to disrupt the school calendar.

The emphasis of the Guidance was on school attendance, physical
distancing, cleaning, Sanitation and Hygiene, improved distance
learning and remedial to bridge learning gaps. A feedback mechanism
was also integrated therein. The Thirty-six States including the FCT
domesticate the reopening plan and the school calendar is continuously
stabilizing nationwide.

It is noteworthy that the extra demand on teachers at the onset
while planning for reopening. Teachers were there to ensure the classes after a long closure needs the integration of remedial and safety of their wards beyond personal needs. The resumption of curricula to make up for learning losses and also provide
psychosocial support.

Once more, the teachers and teaching
administrators bravely rose to the challenge, of Education was
tasked to fast track the

However, the 2020 WTD celebration was a huge milestone for
teachers in Nigeria as His Excellency, President Muhammadu Buhari,
revitalization of the teaching profession and the Honourable Minister
GCFR, made laudable pronouncements to guide the repositioning and
Accordingly, a national implementation committee was constituted,
inaugurated and further broken up into Twelve (12) sub–committees.

The sub-committees submitted the following resolutions for implementation.

The Re-rntroduction of Bursary Award:

i. The Ministry will liaise with the Thirty-six (36) states Ministry of Education including the FCT Education Board,
identify respective course of study required respectively by each state and the award of N150,000 is proposed for
undergraduates and N100,000 only to NCE students:

II. Beneficiaries must attend public institutions only and sign
a bond to serve their State for five (5) years on graduation:

iii. The Fund would be sourced from UBEC, TETFund, and
managed by the Federal Scholarship Board.

b. Sponsorship To At Least One Refresher Training Per Annum:
i. The Ministry shall collaborate with agencies like NTI, TRCN, CPN, NUC, NCCE, UBEC, PTDF, TETFund, and non-
Governmental Organizations organize training programmes in pedagogy and
information and communication Technology for academic and non-academic staff:

II. UBEC, TETFund, and PTDF would assist in funding the
annual trainings:
Building Of Low-cost Housing For Teachers In Rural Areas;

Government should partner with developers/recognized
institutions like Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria, Federal Government Staff Housing Loans Board (FGSLB), FME Staff Welfare and NUT to finance affordable homes for teachers on Build, Operate and Transfer basis:

ii. The type of house to be constructed is based on a range
determined by grade level and personal choice – 2/3 bedroom home for middle level officers and 4 bedroom
homes/duplex for senior level and Directorate cadre.

ii. Special Salary Scale For Teachers in Basic and Secondary
Schools, Including Provisions For Rural Posting/Science
Teachers /Peculiar allowances;

i. Advocacy/Sensitization to/of critical stakeholders like representatives of State governments (Governor’s
forum), ALGON, NUT, NAPPS, OPSON, etc. for their buy-in

ii. Survey of the six (6) geo-political zones of the country to
ascertain from States and Local governments the
prevailing situations in their respective States and local
governments for informed decision;

e. Teacher Conversion Program and ICT Training:

i. NTI should be strengthened for capacity to design and
implement a curriculum for the conversion of variant
disciplines to categories of teachers;

ii. The program should be 70% online and 30% in-person and
would be solely conducted by NTI staff;

iii. TRCN should ensure collation of credible data and devisemeans of conducting stress free registration for teachers:

IV. Government should have the political will to sponsor FEQAS
for massive monitoring and evaluation of schools and also
implement their recommendations therein.

f. Creation of Career Path Policy For Teaching Profession in

i. The Career Path Policy Document developed by TRCN
ratified by the 65th meeting of the National Council on Education (NCE) with emphasis on Strategic goals, variant
stages – Beginner, Proficiency, Mentor, teaching and leading
tracks, roles and responsibility of Federal, State and Local
Government. Recruitment, Deployment and Management
Framework was adopted;

ii. The document is awaiting presentation to the National Council
on Establishment, Head of Civil Service of the Federation and
the Federal Executive Council for adoption;

g. The Expansion Of The Annual Presidents’ Teachers and
Schools Excellence Award (PT&SEA) Fo Cover More Categories
and Criteria for Outstanding Winners To Be Considered For
National Awards and National Productivity Order of Merit (NPOM) awards;

i. The extant 5 categories of PT&SEA would be expanded to
include 1st and 2nd runners-up;

ii. The approved Private School category would be expanded to
include Best Administrator:

iii. The Federal Unity Colleges and Federal Unity Nursery and
Primary school category should be integrated therein.

iv. Awards should be introduced at the Local Government level
and selection of awardees should emerge through competitive merit.

V. Star winners in each of the 5 extant categories gets a bus
or car while the 1st and 2nd runners-up are given fridge, Deep Freezer, Generator or Laptop:

Vi. Funding should be solicited from TETFUND, UBEC JAMB and
other external bodies for support.

h To Attract The Best Brains Into The Teaching Profession by Encouraging The Best Graduates To Take Up Careers In Teaching:

i. FME should review the National Teacher Policy and extract
of NCE;

ii. TRCN should review the National Teacher Education Policy
and other policies on teaching career;

iii. NCCE should review the Ministerial Strategic Plan and the
previous policies on teacher retention;

iv. The phrase ‘first class graduates’ should be changed to
“High Flyers’

I. To Increase Teacher Quality Through The Payment Of Stipends And Automatic Employment After Graduation:

i. The Ministry will collaborate with the states’ government to
ensure automatic employment;

ii. Undergraduate students of B.Ed / B.A. Ed/ Bsc. Ed in Public institutions are to receive stipends of N75,000.00 (Seventy
five Thousand Naira) only per semester while NCE students N50,000.00 (Fifty Thousand Nairo) only as stipends per

iii Federal Government should find the modelity through which
respective states’ governments could provide automatic
employment for NCE graduates at Basic Education level.

J. Special Teacher Pension Scheme/Extension
Retirement Age To 65 Years And Teaching Service To 40 Years:

i. The draft Bill for harmonized retirement age for Teachers/Education Officers in Nigeria 2020 was presented and

approved by the Federal Executive Council on 20th January
2021 and is awaiting presentation to the National Assembly;

ii. The Draft Bill and Extracts from Federal Executive
Council conclusions was forwarded to the Attorney General
and Minister of Justice on 9th March, 2021.

iii. Collaborative meeting with PENCOM on the implications of
Teacher’s extended retirement age on the contributory
Pension scheme planned;

I assure you all those frantic efforts are being made to
implement the resolutions to complement the delivery of effective
and equitable sound education that will foster development and
contribute to the evolution of a strong, democratic, egalitarian,

prosperous, indivisible and indissoluble sovereign nation.

To that end, the President Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR, recently

also approved:

a. While the Federal Government intends to ultimately, establish a polytechnic in each of the states of the federation where none exists presently, eight (8) new ones are to take off in phases in Kaltungo, Bauchi State: Daura, Katsina State; Monguno, Borno State; Shendam, Plateau State, Wannune, Benue State; Ugep. Cross River State; Ayede, Oyo State; Ohodo, Enugu State; and Orogun in Delta State.

b. Government has also approved the establishment of six (6) new Federal Colleges of Education to be located in Iwo, Osun State: Ekhadolor, Edo State; Gidan Madi, Sokoto State; Odugbo, Benue State: Jama’are, Bauchi State and Isu, Ebonyi State.

c. The Governing Councils of Tertiary institutions in the country were also reconstituted and

d. A Presidential visitation panel was sent to all Federal tertiary institutions.

In conclusion, distinguished ladies and gentlemen, I request you to continue to support government to shape the future of the education sector and the country at large. I also commend you all for your resilience and collaboration to ensure the stabilization of the school calendar, be assured that accelerated implementation of the aforementioned resolutions is on course. Wishing you all a happy 2021 World Teachers Day Celebration.

Thank you for your attention.