đź””Leadership Training Centre Headship Crisis: DSS Picks Up Former Ag. D.G Shola Philips For Allegedly Sponsooring Workers Protest Against New D.G.

Nigeria’s Secret Police, the Department of State Service(DSS) this Wednesday, picked up
former acting Director General of the Citizenship and Leadership Centre (CLTC), Oluremi-Shola Phillips over alleged links to the sponsorship of protests targeted at preventing a new Director General (DG),
Adesoji Eniade from assuming office.

According to officialaitlive, Philips was picked up after the close of work and whizzed to an unknown destination as his exact whereabout is yet to be ascertained and his phone number is unreachable at the time of this report.

Further findings revealed Philips was earlier on Wednesday invited by the DSS to answer questions bordering on gross insubordination,
as Workers under him and members of the Nigeria Civil Service Union have been picketing the CTLC , kicking against what they termed the imposition of an ‘outsider’ as the new DG.

The Staff say the appointment is misnomer as the new D.G is from Oyo State where the Minister of Youth and Sports Development, Sunday Dare who supervises the Centre also hails from.

The protesting Staff are also accusing Dare of Nepotism in the appointment of Eniade over Lagos State origin, Shola-Philips who is grounded in the running of the specialised agency.

The Staffers say they have enjoyed career growth over the years with the most senior staff assuming the Headship of the Centre whenever there is a vacuum, since its 70 years of existence.

Philips arrest is coming hours after the Minister of Labour and Productivity Chris Ngige sounded a note of warning to the Labour Unions over what the He calls hooliganism in the disguise of trade unionism with specific mentioning of the current picketing at the CTLC office.

The CTLC office has been shutdown for two weeks as the protesters say they will intensify the picketing of the Centre until the Minister of Youth and Sports heed to their demands of removing Eniade and replacing him with the arrested Shola-Philips.

Source: Officialaitlive