Wife Drugs, Kills Husband With Hot Pressing Iron(video)

The wife of the owner of the popular Bama hotel and suites in Agbule Egba in Lagos state has killed him last night while sleeping for finding out he impregnated a Lady!

Bama as he’s fondly called just returned from an expensive vacation in Dubai along with her and their three kids. They have been married for 8 years.

Worse of all was the manner in which she killed him.
She first of all drugged him and when he slept off and lost all his senses, she plugged a pressing iron to the hottest and burnt him on several parts of his body until he died.
This is callous a disturbingly painful, a cold and calculated murder.

Dear wives, stop killing your husbands over infidelity.
African men were originally polygamous in nature before the whites came in and turned everything upside down.

Such a young and accomplished entrepreneur cut in his prime by his own wife just for acting true to his biology.