Apart From Ongoing ASUU Warning Strike, SSANU, NASU Threaten Industrial Action, Issue Red Alert…

The Joint Action Commitee of the Non-Academic Staff Union of Educational and
Associated Institutions (NASU) and the Senior Staff Association of Nigerian
Universities (sSANU) at its meeting held on Thursday, 24 February 2022, reviewed
the status of the Memorandum of Understanding reached with the Federal
Government following our Industrial Action of January and February 2021.

JAC In a statement jointly signed by SSANU President, Mohammed Haruna and NASU General Secretary, Peters Adeyemi,noted that the January 2021 industrial action was preceded by a Memorandum
of Action in October 2020 which highlighted the following

  1. Inconsistencies in IPPIS Payment
  2. Non-Payment of Earned Allowances
  3. Delay in Renegotiation of FGN/NASU and SSANU Agreement
  4. Non-Payment of Arrears of National Minimum Wage
  5. Usurpation of Headship of Non-Teaching Units in clear violation of
    Conditions of Service and Establishment Procedures
  6. Neglect and Poor Funding of State Universities
  7. Non-Payment of Retirement Benefits to Outgoing Members
  8. Non-Constitution of Visitation Panel to Universities.

We wish to make it public that till date, exoept for constitution of Visitation Panels
which white papers are yet to see the light of the day, none of the issues as agreed
in the October 2020 and February 2021 Memorandum of Action have been

The attendant problems of the Integrated Payment Personnel System (PPIS)
remains unabating as our members are still being paid salaries haphazardly. The
untold suffering of our members due to the disorganized payment of salaries is
further compounded by the unpredictable remittance of Third Party deductions-
Union Check off Dues, Cooperative Societies, Welfare Schemes, Bank Loans
among others.

We had informed the Government of the development of a software, the
Universities Peculiar Personnel Payroll System (U3PS). Tilldate, we have not been
invited to any meeting to formally present our software talk less of accrediting it
with the relevant government agency. To us, this is the height of insensitivity and
contempt for the non-teaching unions.

while we had agreed that a sum of thirty billion naira should be made avalable for
the payment of arrears of Earned Allowance for the three non-teaching unions, we
an embarrassing situation where only 25% of a sum of Iwenty-Iwo Bllon
Naira, was paid to the non-teaching staff in a disbursement made in December
U2, Which has only caused further confusion and dissatisfaction in the University

Till date, despite all entreaties, the arrears of National Minimum Wage being owed
Our members is yet to be paid.

On the issue of Renegotiation of our 2009 Agreement, while other stakeholders
can claim to have concluded their renegotiations and seeking implementation, the
non-teaching staff unions of NASU and SSANU have not been invted tor any
meeting for almost two years now. This situation we find utterly unfortunate. This
was despite the fact that Government had assured at the Conciliation Meeting tha
the Renegotiation exercise would be concluded within six weeks or latest by 31
December, 2021.

es, as our members in many State lbu nn runding of State
with arrears running into months, thereby causing untold hardships and suffering.

While the problem of usurpation of headship of Non-Teaching Units by acadermic
staff is unabating, we nave nese etiae are heinn owed salaries

We wish to place on record that even the constitution of Governing Councils of
Oniversiues nas oniy been partially done, as the Universities of Agriculture till date
Emain wInour Governing Councis,

Having waited one whole year for the consummation of thee Memorandum of
we wish to notify all
Ondetsta ran ivarsities and Inter-University Centres; and indeed

SlN th ssible breakdown of industrial peace in the university systen
a ect for Collective Bargaining Agreements reached with NASU

and SSANU by Government.

Given the situation of things as at today and the agitation of our members, we can
no longer guarantee industrial peace in our university system. With this release.
we place all Nigerians on red alert of the possibility of an industrial action by the
non-teaching staf unions of NASU and SSANU, as we can no longer watch by as
agreements freely entered into by the Federal Government with the Unions are not