Workers And child rights writers international, WCRWi celebrates with workers globally, and challenges governments on the need for more healthy and safer environment for workers.

In a media release,Patrick Abulu the
Chief Writer/President of Workers And Child Rights Writers International notes that the theme of this year’s Occupational Health and Safety at work place “together to build a positive safety and Health culture”, Places a huge burden on governments, especially in Africa, to build a health culture among her workers.

WCRWi calls for an end to indiscriminate waste disposal in the offices, idiscriminate eating in work spaces and urges office managers to create an eating lounge for workers where there is no cafeteria/restaurant closed by.

WCRWi appeals to the International Labour Organisation to deliberate more on how Governments( especially developing countries) can adequately manage indiscriminate eating/waste disposals in the office/work spaces.

As we join countries, Labour movement, parents, workers Journalists and writers to mark this year’s occupational health and safety, we hope for a much more better world of work, devoid of health hazards, Diseases and illnesses.