WCRWi Makes Case For Journalists on World Press Freedom Day

Workers and child rights writers international, WCRWi is proud to be associated with journalists network arround the world on this international Press Freedom Day, May 3, 2022.

WCRWi is saddened by a UNESCO report that 1442 journalists have been killed between 1992 and 2022.

WCRWi chief Writer and president, Patrick O.A in a statement to mark the 2022 World press freedom day, encouraged journalists to remain resolute in ensuring they deliver assigned responsibilities, diligently and with respect to the laws governing the practice in their respective countries.

According to WCRWi Chief, the theme of this year’s celebration: Journalism under digital siege”, remains a wake up call on all journalists arround the world, to be aware always how endangered the profession can be and to always be at alert, especially with the spate of insecurity, War, criminality and instability due to electioneering in some Nations.

WCRWi calls on media houses managers to provide necessary protective gadgets for the protection of Journalists on location, especially those is flash points like Ukraine and Russia.

While the war in Russia-Ukraine lingers, WCRWi calls for more attention to UNESCO latest report on surveillance and digitally-mediated attacks, the consequences of public trust in digital communications as well as hacking, which are compromising journalism practice world over.

WCRWi believes the training and retraining of journalists in new media, digital and online experience, would help create more education and confidence among journalists as they would dare to do their work, without fear or favour.

Accorsing to UNESCO report, surveillance can expose information gathered by journalists including from whistle-blowers and violates the principles of source protection, which is universally considered a prerequisite for freedom of the media which is enshrined in United Nations resolutions.

To this end, WCRWi wants the management of media organisations to imbibe the culture of providing adequate protection for Journalists’ source of vital information and be ready at all times to back the journalists in times of litigation.